Craigslist… more!

So have you found anything good on cl yet?  I know I have…  I just found a table and bookcase that are LIKE NEW and cost a song… my honey just found a new in the box miter saw for less than half of retail and on Ebay we found a local wholesaler who had a stand for the miter saw (apparently this is a very important part of having a miter saw in the first place!) that we got for 60% off retail!  Yahoo… that is just fantabulous.

We did have a strange incident happen when selling on cl.  The guy shows up (which is always a nice thing to have happen… sometimes they don’t show up and you are waiting and waiting) and talks our ears off for 45 minutes… then when we are finally ready for him to let us know if he was taking the darn item he found his wife had taken his cash so he left to find a ATM only to return and hour later (the store is 5 minutes away) and he bought he seat … full price… and left.  He was a nice enough guy but the point is… sometimes you have to do what you don’t plan to do to have repeat customers if you are gonna post on cl often like we do.

Even though there is no feedback on cl you will see the same phone number or email in a posting.. yes, some people include those things.  We include phone number but not email as we like the masking of our email addy unless we chose to respond to the interested party.  So be a good seller and treat others as you would want to be treated so that you can flourish in your cl business as we have in ours!

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