Renewing my Blog! ~ Craigslist 101 ~

Well… my Ebay business didn’t go much of anywhere but we did get quite a business going on Craigslist… every major city in the USA has a Craigslist I think… check your state! Go to

What is craigslist (cl)?  A local forum of an Ebay like existence.  In other words… a way to buy and sell locally.  You can scan postings and even post things for sale or free without joining.  That may change in the future… I am surprised you can post without joining still today.

Craigslist began as an email listing of friends posting events that they would plan to do together.  That was 1995.  In 2000 Craigslist had expanded from it’s home in San Fransisco to Boston and other large cities.  Today Craigslist covers 50 countries and many cities in the USA.

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