The 2 unpaid auctions… dealing with non paying bidders (NPB)

Trying to find the link to deal with my 2 non paying bidders was fun because I found a coffee mug that says I love non paying bidders… with a gun on it… very funny that someone made that!!!  And has it for sale on Ebay!

So you just go to your sold section of your My Ebay list and pull down the list of options and choose Resolution Center… but you have to wait until it has been 7 days but not more than 45 days since your auction ended.  Ebay then contacts the non paying bidder and keeps you apprised of what happens … hopefully you get your money and can leave poor feedback for the deadbeat bidder that keeps your auctions from selling because you can’t relist them until the issue has been resolved.

Ebay will refund your listing fees and selling fees for non paying bidders if they don’t pay.. once I am through this process completely I will write more about it. 

Ready to try it???? Try listening to while listing items… makes it more entertaining!  Enjoy!

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