Shipping my auctions and relisting the ones that didn’t sell….

So when all the auctions finished I had sold 24 more items… 2 of them to the same buyer who paid before I could combine shipping so I sent her a partial refund… nice! 

Of the 24 completed auctions most were paid over the weekend and Monday I went right to Paypal and easily printed the shipping… I did mess up a few times but applied easily for refunds on that and waiting for that to go through.  I also printed off the invoice at the beginning and used the back side to print upcoming auction information and put my company stamp on it for personalization!  Not bad free advertising for the cost of a little ink and paper I was already using to keep the auctions and postage free.

Another good thing about printing the shipping out is that you can request your postal service person to pick it up that day if it is early enough or the next… right from your front door!  No post office lines!!!

Relisting once I had those out of the way was going to be daughting… or so I thought… but it wasn’t!  It was as easy as choosing “select all” in the unsold listing heading and hitting relist all!  Done!!!!

Ebay has come a long way since I started Ebaying and they are very user friendly now if you just take time and do site map searches (rememeber the link to that is at the beginning of the home page for Ebay).  Email me if you have any issues and I will see if I can help you out!

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