108 Auctions are up and running…..

I have 108 auctions up right now and about 13 have bids… but Ebay is notorious for last minute bidding.  I have made back the Ebay fees as of now and am looking at pure profits for anything that sells after these auctions do.  I don’t have anything too high tech.  You can go to the SITE MAP on EBAY (find it at the bottom of the web page when you go to http://www.ebay.com/.  Then go to community and find member and type in designoriginalsbykc.  Then on the right you can view all my auctions to see what 108 done in less than a week looks like.  Hard work is what it feels like.  But it is fun to watch the auctions progress… I was wondering how I would ship 100 items but hopefully I won’t sell everything in the first go round and you can relist items that don’t sell for free 1 time on Ebay…. so there you go.  I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my family.  For that support I am blessed!

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