Getting my listings up and running!

Trial and error has been the rule of learning how to list things on Ebay.  Everyone has a different learning curve and way of doing things.  I found a cool website from the author of one of the books I am reading (“Starting an eBay Business for Dummies”).  It is .  Go to the tools tab after looking around some and click the link that looks like an advertisement that says “cool free ad tool”.  Input your info including the direct link the picture you have from photobucket online picture hosting website.  Now click the bottom of the page tab and see your finished Ebay page!

Okay so it really isn’t that easy but it sounds that way when you read about it.  But I am figuring it out and currently have 38 auctions ready to go up at this writing… slowly making progress.  Turbo lister rocks for getting auctions ready for Ebay!

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