How it all starts…

I am new at this and have not looked at other blogs so I hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful if you want to start at Ebay business.  I am a single mom with 3 kids at home and 1 more that is engaged.  I have a great boyfriend who is majorly excited about this and my kids have chosen jobs so it will truly be a family business.  We are starting with clothes and household items we cleaned out of the garage.  Now this stuff has been sitting there for 3 years … almost.  I finally got around to cleaning out the garage with the support of my bf.  Next… see what I find in the garage that is a big keeper!

The main players in this blog include:  my kids from left are Mike, Rick (or Dick as he prefers), and Brandi.  They are 16, 26, and 12 (almost 13!  she says).  Then there is me… I am Kathi and my bf is Rick (yes we have 2 Rick’s in the same house when he is over so it can get interesting but we are working it out.

Stay tuned for the treasures we found among the ebay, goodwill, and trash piles… but it is looking like a workable space now….

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